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Leverage big data. Exploit AI potential.

One-stop shop for Artificial Intelligence training and genealogy record processing. We provide services to help you to maximize your return on investment with AI.
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AI drives big data, big data fuels AI. This is the future of artificial intelligence. But it’s only possible with the push in the right direction. Lifewood can show you where to start to uncover the fullest potential of your AI technology with industry-leading solutions in AI data, genealogy, and data migration.


Collect, classify, and annotate any type of training data: text, audio, video, image—you name it.

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Enjoy custom-tailored data solutions that fit the bill every time and then some.

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Enable your AI models to see as you do with top-of-the-line accurate image and video annotation with CV development in mind.

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Enable your AI models to see as you do with top-of-the-line accurate image and video annotation with CV development in mind.


Ensure high-quality training data with our robust 7-step data workforce management process that leverages only the best people for the project.

Data Is Our Trade

No matter the industry, size, or type of data involved, our solutions are capable of satisfying any AI and data business needs.

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AI Data

Provide comprehensive solutions for acquiring, processing, and managing diverse datasets to fuel the training and optimization of artificial intelligence models.

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Data Migration

Facilitate the seamless transfer of information between different storage systems or formats, ensuring data integrity, security, and efficiency throughout the process.

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trace and document individuals' familial ancestry, enabling users to explore their family history, discover relatives, and build comprehensive family trees.

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Why choose Lifewood? We lived and breathe by these principles


Choose Lifewood for a worldwide presence, diverse expertise, and localized insights. Let our global reach propel your AI projects to new heights

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Global Expertise Fueling Success


Choose Lifewood for AI data services, including machine learning, computer vision, NLP, and data annotation. Our experience in autonomous driving and facial recognition drives innovation and efficiency across industries.

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Revolutionize Industries with Lifewood's AI Expertise


Leverage our 15-year track record in diverse data processing for exceptional AI data services. Choose Lifewood for tailored solutions and industry-leading excellence.

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Discover Lifewood's Specialized Expertise

Optimize Your AI Journey with Lifewood

Simplify your AI journey by entrusting Lifewood with your data management challenges. We specialize in data sourcing, preparation, and real-world model evaluations, empowering you to launch with confidence while focusing on your core priorities.

  •  technologyStep 2:Data Preparation
  •  technologyStep 3:Generative AI Model Evaluation

Step 1: Data Sourcing

  • Crowdsourcing: Obtain bespoke datasets anytime through our devoted contributors and expert-managed solutions, crafted to ensure your project thrives.
  • Synthetic Data: Capitalize on our state-of-the-art tools and proficiency to generate exclusive data and edge cases, augmenting your AI model's performance.

Step 2: Data Preparation

  • Data Labeling: Refine your AI training with our detail-oriented data labeling services, offering precise and consistent annotations across diverse domains.
  • TAP Data Collection: Boost your AI initiatives with our systematic TAP (Text, Audio, Photos, or Videos) data collection methods, delivering a wealth of data inputs.

Step 3: Generative AI Model Evaluation

  • Global and Local: Benefit from our wide-reaching coverage through our network contributors, ensuring exceptional AI product performance in your desired markets.
  • Benchmarking: Join our groundbreaking "Voice or ???" initiative, co-developed with top tech companies for "TTS voice benchmarking??"(TBC). Enhance and standardize the voice evaluation process, setting industry-wide benchmarks for Voice Assistant excellence across devices and brands.

Your door to leveraging Big Data

At Lifewood, we spare no compromise in helping our clients reach their AI data goals. Rest assured that we drive our services with the best of the best in expertise, methodology, and technology to transform your business.

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