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Founded in 2004, Lifewood is a well-established global provider of data services for AI solutions. We provide AI data services, data migration, and genealogical services to empower the AI models, software systems, and CRMs of clients in the fields of digital technology, finance, e-commerce, transportation, and genealogy.

With over 15 years of experience in AI data solutions, we strive to continuously innovate and expand our technological impact to more and more clients across the globe.

We always believe that AI and Big Data are the drivers of growth for our economy and society.


Our Core Competence

These three factors serve as the basis of our ultimate goal to achieve optimal Big Data Production.

  • Digital Industrialization
    We strive to bolster our business to meet 4.0 industry standard to achieve agility in enterprise resource management, ahead of competition, and establish our Blue Ocean.
  • Digital Resource Management
    We maintain a strong, ever-growing relational network across ASEAN countries, with which we align our digital resources in localization and multi-cultural partnership.
  • AI Technology
    We continuously develop data management methodologies and expertise by integrating the latest state-of-the-art technology and tools for innovative AI solutions.

Our Values

Whether with our clients or ourselves, these values drive each individual in Lifewood to act sustainably, ethically, and excellently:


We celebrate differences in beliefs, religions, philosophies, and ways of life because they bring unique perspectives and ideas that allow everyone to drive forward.


We care for each and every person deeply and equally: our staff, our stakeholders, our clients — everyone because if without care, work becomes meaningless.


We work with a strong set of principles and a steadfast drive to innovate. Evolution is in our DNA. We evolve to better ourselves, for ourselves and our clients.


We devote ourselves to ensuring stalwart ethical conduct in everything we do. More than just the bare minimum of how we work. It is one of the foundations of our existence as a company.

Our Global Offices

Lifewood continues to grow and realize the potential of big data and AI in companies across the world.

China • US • Malaysia • Bangladesh • Thailand • India • Vietnam • Indonesia • Philippines • Benin

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