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BG Lifewood 10th Anniversary Celebration

zoom meeting

The date December 4th, 2021 is an important day in the history of Lifewood development, and certainly a day worth remembering.

Ten years ago, today, Lifewood went abroad to set up its first overseas delivery centre in Bangladesh as part of its One Belt One Road initiatives under the strong leadership of the company’s management headed by Mr. Ronald Cheung, our CEO and not forgetting with the unremitting efforts by the BG employees, and the strong support of customer care.

The past ten years have been a lot of development and growth for the BG team, a glorious decade of hard work, innovation, and transcendence. We are positive to see in the coming years, BG will continue to prosper and grow while bracing challenges and seizing opportunities arise!

We had a live broadcast at 9am (BG time) with various key speakers invited to share their memories as well as vision for BG Team.

zoom meeting

The live broadcast had gathered over 1000 people watching all over the globe using the DingTalk platform. During the virtual ceremony, Mr. Imtazul Islam or better known as ‘Anku Big Boss’ had shared some nostalgic pictures during the last decade of his BG Team and he had been with Lifewood from the very beginning.

PC, tables, and chairs

BG Team started with only 6 employees


At that time, BG Team has about 15 operators

BG new office

Panorama view of BG new office in 2012. They grew from 15 to 50 operators

3rd Anniversary celebration

BG 3rd Anniversary celebration in 2014

5th Anniversary celebration

BG 5th Anniversary celebration in 2016

Group of People

Mr. Ronald Cheung (2nd from the right) with Chinese Team business trip to BG office during BG 5th Anniversary celebration in 2016

Group of People

Village opening ceremony in Betagi attended by Mr. Clarence Cheung Co-founder) pic left and Mr. Ronald Cheung (CEO) pic right

Village opening ceremony

Village opening ceremony in Betagi attended by Mr. Imtazul Islam aka Anku (left)

company trip

BG Team annual company trip

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