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Lifewood is a knowledge-based company engaging in data service business. All our workplaces are minimal in environmental footprint and encourage thoughtful use of resources. We have low carbon footprint due to our established culture of online meetings, social media message exchange, and work-at-home practices.

Induction training is given to ensure every member acquires tech habit – communication skills and habit in their first week of joining the company. Our office is paper free! Lifewood adheres to local and international environmental, social, health and safety laws and complies with business operational requirements of each country in which it operates.

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Lifewood has been pursuing an impact sourcing approach to provide training and employment mostly to young generation and female workers from underserved communities in developing countries, enabling them to access the digital economy with better income and career development opportunities.

Having undergone initial training, they gradually improved in their job performance, income, and wellbeing of their families. Their social and economic improvement generate positive effect in their community, encouraging other members to join the digital economy which enables flexibility in time and location of work.

The result is creating employment opportunities for many of those who have difficulty to work away from home and who need to take care of children and elderly at home. Apart from improving communities social and financial wellbeing, it reduces the technology divide between developing and advanced nations.

More than a business, Lifewood strives to be a positive agent of change in the world. Our environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) policies drive our decision-making and philosophy towards creating innovations that revolutionize both the data service landscape and the horizon of possibilities for sustainable and transformative business strategies.


Lifewood is a paper-free company. As a knowledge-based business, a large part of our research involves workflow optimizations and innovations that aim for sustainability at their core. Our work, communication, and structure are all done digitally through an established culture of constant online communication, streamlined workflow, and work-at-home best practices. As a result, we minimize our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Lifewood’s principal corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy is rooted in an impact sourcing approach. We offer career opportunities primarily in developing countries with a concentration on the youth, women, and minorities in impoverished communities. The employment and training we provide has a transformative, long-term impact on individuals and the society: Our impact sourced employees performed significantly better, earned a more sustainable income, and enjoyed an average of 2 to 3-year tenure in Lifewood. They later enjoyed a meaningful career path in the rapidly growing AI data industry. On a nationwide scale, our career opportunities reduced the technological divide between developing countries and advanced countries. Lifewood’s future expansion will continue to be targeted in developing countries.

Global Corporate Governance

Lifewood is a global company that lives by global standards of corporate management and ethics. Our internal policies and regulations are in strict adherence to local and international environmental, social, health, and safety laws, and comply with business operational requirements of each country in which it operates.
  • Company Management. Board committees are formed to discuss and endorse all policy and strategy issues of the company.
  • Communication Culture. Staff and management are oriented to provide clear and precise communication among each other to achieve business goals and avoid conflicts and inefficiencies.
  • Teamwork Culture. Our success lies in innovation and team spirit. Every staff’s opinion, remarks, and suggestions are respected, whether they come from clerks, managers, or executives. Lifewood firmly applies its Code of Conduct and Ethics to all its employees, officers, and directors in the company and its subsidiaries:

Lifewood firmly applies its Code of Conduct and Ethics to all its employees, officers, and directors in the company and its subsidiaries:

  • Integrity

    Comply with the law and company policies within and outside the workplace and treat clients and colleagues with dignity and integrity.
  • Company Assets

    Safeguard and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the company’s intellectual, digital, relational, and physical assets.
  • Conflict of Interest

    Actively protect company reputation and avoid decisions that create a negative impact or damage the image of the company.
  • Bribery and Corruption

    Work with full honesty and transparency, and avoid and prevent practices of corruption, bribery, and deceit.
  • Harassment and Discrimination

    Strictly prohibit and prevent any nature or form of discrimination or harassment of members of the company.