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Variety of services for all types of AI training data.

AI, Artificial Intelligence


Text collection, labeling, transcription, utterance collection, sentiment analysis

Voice recognition text on blue grid


Collection, labeling, voice categorization, music categorization, intelligent CS

Face detection and recognition of citizens people, AI collect and analyze human data.


Collection, labeling, classification, audit, object detection & tagging

Social networking service concept. Streaming video. Video library.


Collection, labeling, audit, live broadcast, subtitle generation

Autonomous driving, facial recognition, farm monitoring—these are just a few of the many data solutions that we help businesses achieve.

Discover What Our AI Data Services Have Accomplished.

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Machine learning enablement

From simple data to deep learning, our data solutions are highly flexible and can enable a wide variety of ML systems, no matter how complex the model.

3D illustration banner of server room in data center full of telecommunication equipment

Holistic computer vision development

Our AI data services aim to provide a total solution to empowering your computer models to perform data audio and video-based functions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to automate business tasks with AI.

Versatile natural language processing

With a managed workforce that spans across the globe, we offer NLP solutions covering over 50 language including various dialects and accents for both text and audio data.

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